The Midnight - Wed 17 July, 2019 - Corner Hotel, Melb

The Midnight - Wed 17 July, 2019 - Corner Hotel, Melb

Ever since The Midnight burst onto the scene in 2014 with their glorious first E.P. Days of Thunder, they’ve been relishing and pioneering the 80s synthwave movement alongside sensational artists like FM-84 and Timecop1983. Flash forward a slew of singles and 7 albums later and the electro-trio land in Australia for their first live tour. In the intimate and ever-reliable Corner Hotel Bandroom, Jamison Lyle, Tim McEwan & Jesse Molloy (aka The Midnight) took to the stage in front of 350 adoring fans to deliver a retrospective set of euphoric songs. An overwhelming sense of gratitude and mutual adoration drenched the set with an ever-appreciative band showing that they are on the verge of exploding into the mainstream.

Spouting that the band were still jetlagged and that they booked this show not knowing that anyone would come (it was sold out), frontman Jamison Lyle belted out hit after hit without his vocal ever faltering. Coupled with a hyped up Tim McEwan (donning a Purple Rain T-Shirt! Big Tick) who bounced around and continually revved the crowd, and Jesse Molloy’s outstanding freewheeling saxophone solos and you’d never have picked they were. The Midnight were sharp, tight and having a great time.

The band continually reinforced the adorable message that we were all there collectively looking for healing and that the music makes us heal, makes us feel good and, as Jamison rightly points out as the message of the show (and one of his choice lyrics):

If we live forever, then let’s live forever tonight

Listening to these guys, on a stripped back stage belting out pristine synthwave infused with guitars and woodwind, you can feel they are on the very precipice of breakout success. Judging by an audience that sang every song, cheered at every close, and screamed at every opportunity, it’s only a matter of time.

The set featured: Wave, Nocturnal, Lost Boy, America 2, Boys of Summer (cover), Gloria, Days of Thunder, Vampires, Lost and Found, Crystalline, Gloria, The Comeback Kid, Los Angeles, and Sunset.

5 Stars – GLORIOUS!

THE MIDNIGHT are an American Electro-Synthwave Band from the U.S.

Albums to add:
– 2016
– 2017
– 2018

Some tempters to get you in:

Hero image is via the 14 July 2017 show in San Francisco as shown on

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